In most cases, "breathlessness" develops inconspicuously for many years and the patient gradually adapts. The realization comes only when ability to perform normal everyday activities such as cooking, shopping, inability to climb up the stairs, or a sudden and marked worsening of pain during otherwise "banal" infection of respiratory tract, which not infrequently requires hospitalization. Loss of breath in the most advanced stages creates difficulties with personal hygiene and mobility.

says Dr. Jiří Votruba MD. Ph.D.

Dr. Jiří Votruba Ph.D. is a lung specialist and an internist. He specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases, diagnosis and treatment of coughs and cessation of smoking. He is a pulmonary endoscopy specialist preforming both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, e.g. endoscopic volume reduction, bronchial thermoplasty, pleuroroscopy, stenting procedures and coiling. During his 20 years of practice he worked in many leading Czech hospitals and clinics. At present he is the head physician of the 1’st Clinic of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases of General University Hospital of 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. The clinic was founded in 1932 and is the oldest facility of its kind in our country. He is a member of both Czech and international professional societies, such as the European Respiratory Society or the Czech Association of Allergologists , and is actively involved in the Oxyprotect civic association that helps fight lung cancer . Every year, he also actively participates in international events and scientific conferences.


General university hospital in Prague (VFN)
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Tel.: +420 224 969 355